FFU History

The history of our union demonstrates how strength in numbers and collective action and bargaining benefit both our fellow faculty and the University. Here’s a brief timeline:

2016: Organizing began by gathering signatures and reaching out to other unions.

2017: Spring semester. After substantial pressure from Fordham tenured and tenure-track faculty, students, and contingent faculty, the university agreed to recognize the union if a vote in favor was successful.

2017: Fall semester. The vote was 16:1 in favor of forming a union and joining with SEIU Local 200United.

2018: Winter, Spring, Summer. FFU negotiated with the Fordham administration to gain our first Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The negotiations were open to all FFU members – the more the better in the negotiating room. The results of our negotiations were record breaking in SEIU: the highest pay raises for a first contract in higher ed in SEIU history as well as the fastest negotiations. See highlights and our CBA here.

2018: August. Our first CBA is ratified by FFU members. Our first CBA has brought major pay raises as well as job security that never existed before.

2018: September. Our first executive officers are elected. See our current Executive Officers here.

2020: Due to COVID-19, FFU leaders negotiated an impact-bargaining agreement with the Fordham administration that ensured continued job and salary protections for fellow FFU faculty and contributed to the safety and stability of our Fordham workplace during the pandemic.

2021: FFU leaders negotiated a one-year extension of our CBA through 2022. Now it’s up to us!

2022: FFU member-leaders began CBA negotiations in March and continue in the fight for a fairer contract for all FFU faculty. Commit to getting involved to help fight for a better Fordham workplace for the future of contingent faculty at Fordham and our students. Get Involved!

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