Executive Committee Members

Josh Jordan

FFU Chair

Josh Jordan is our FFU Chair. He is an Advanced Lecturer of French in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. He has worked at Fordham since 2010, first as an adjunct, now as a lecturer.

Email: fordhamfacultyunited@gmail.com

Ashar Foley

Chief Steward, Lincoln Center

Ashar Foley is our Chief Steward and an Advanced Lecturer in the Communication and Media Studies Department at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus, and also teaches Developmental Writing and Reading at CUNY City Tech, and tutors Brooklyn schoolchildren in reading through the nonprofit READ 718. 

Email me: afoley14@fordham.edu

Guy Robinson

Chief Steward, Westchester

Guy Robinson is Chief Steward and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Natural Sciences, where he has taught since 2003. He is an ecologist and operates Fordham’s Aeroallergen Monitoring Program, producing the pollen counts for New York City.

Email: grobinson@fordham.edu

Connor VanAllman

SEIU Local 200 United Organizer

Connor (he/him/his) has served as the Organizer from Fordham Faculty United’s (“FFU”) parent union SEIU Local 200United (“200U”) since 2018, acting as an advisor to elected FFU faculty leaders. Connor is one of 200U’s delegates to the New York City Central Labor Council.

Email: cvanallman@local200united.org

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