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FFU members have ratified our tentative agreement (TA)

Thank you to FFU members and the Fordham community for standing together in our fight for a fair contract!

After three days of voting ending Jan. 30, Fordham Faculty United members voted YES to ratify our new union contract. We voted 97% to approve the new agreement, which will be in place through 2025. See here for highlights of the agreement and here for the full agreement.

By stepping up in solidarity with FFU members, Fordham students and tenured and tenure-track faculty, community supporters and New York political leaders showed once again that when we fight, we win! Our many months of collective effort – at the negotiating table, during our strike campaign – allowed us to achieve an agreement whose gains lift up the most vulnerable faculty at Fordham, narrow the gap on pay parity across schools, include a health benefit for Fordham adjuncts, and improve conditions for all contingent faculty and our students.

Sign Your FFU Membership Form: If you’re new to Fordham, please take action on your membership form by clicking here. FFU is a union shop, where all members were eligible to vote on our new CBA and participate in negotiations, and attend other union events. Dues information is here.

FFU Mission Statement

Guided by the belief that Fordham faculty’s working conditions are our students’ learning conditions, Fordham Faculty United, our union of contingent faculty at Fordham University, works to attain social justice, dignity, and well-being for contingent faculty and all members of the Fordham University community by addressing inequities in participation in university decision-making, wages, benefits, job security, inclusion, and rights.

You can find our Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) here, which detail our rights, job security, and compensation. FFU is part of SEIU Local200 United. Get involved in your union and meet your colleagues by clicking here.

FFU Press Release: Tentative Agreement (now ratified)

Hear why FFU members have stood in solidarity in our collective fight for a fair contract


Jan. 23, 2023

Jan. 21, 2023

Jan. 19, 2023

Jan. 18, 2023

Jan. 9, 2023

Dec. 6, 2022

Oct. 7, 2022

Oct. 5, 2022

Sept. 29, 2022

CBA Bargaining Updates and Upcoming Events:

See above for information on our Tentative Agreement and ratification dates.

Dec. 8, 2022: CBA mediation. FFU and the Fordham administration met with a federal mediator. Mediation is not binding, nor can a mediator’s recommendation be imposed on either party. Mediation also does not require that we suspend union organizing efforts — on the contrary, we feel we must keep up the collective pressure to fight and win a fair union contract.

Dec. 2: Join us for our final *FFU happy hour* of the semesster at 6pm at Alfie’s (near Lincoln Center).

Nov. 30: CBA extension. FFU and the Fordham administration agreed to extend our current CBA until Jan. 27, 2023. All CBA protections apply during the extension.

Nov. 28: FFU Strike Authorization Vote (SAV) goes live. See above for details on what an SAV is and how FFU members can vote.

Oct.-Nov.: FFU Strike Petition. A majority of FFU members voted YES to commit to a strike if a Strike Authorization Vote is called.

Oct. 14: FFU Rally for Respect. During new Fordham President Tetlow’s inauguration.

Sept. 22 and 29, 11:30am-2:30pm: CBA negotiationsroom 324, 140 W 62nd (Gabelli). The Fordham administration retained its 3% across-the-board raises. We replied with a counter that takes into account the real – and essential – value that FFU faculty teaching brings to the university. To catch up on bargaining, see our FFU Bargaining Bulletins here.

Sept. 21-22 and 28-29: FFU Color Days. To show solidarity in our collective fight for a living wage for Fordham adjuncts, pay parity across schools, and a health benefit for part-time faculty, we wore purple or sported FFU stickers calling for a LIVEABLE WAGE for all FFU faculty, without whom the university could not function.

Aug. 16: The “FFU Open Letter to the Fordham Community” goes public! This is one, important step in our public-facing campaign in support of our priorities in CBA negotiations. Please click here to read the letter, signed by 300+ FFU members and 100+ advocates in the Fordham community and beyond, and our accompanying email to Fordham President Tetlow and Provost Jacobs. In addition to further publicizing this massive show of support, we need FFU members’ boots on the ground for upcoming get-out-the-word actions in late August. Check your email for details and the signup form.

Aug. 15, 1pm-5pm (note the time change) & Aug. 19, 10am-5pm (Friday session cancelled): CBA negotiations. On Aug. 15, we agreed with the Fordham administration to resume CBA negotiations after Labor Day. This allows us more time to leverage our strength in numbers in support of our public-facing campaign. See your email for updates on how you can participate in FFU actions in late August to get out the word for a fairer union contract.

Aug. 3-4, 10am-5pm: CBA negotiations. On day 1, the administration provided its counter on compensation, increasing the amount of its AY2022-2023 part-time faculty “bonus” and enlarging eligibility, while maintaining the same pay raises and not addressing parity. On day 2, FFU countered with a higher bonus amount, while maintaining our same pay raises and calling for pay parity across schools in year one of the new CBA. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the sessions here.

July 30, 1-3pm: FFU Picnic in Prospect Park (Brooklyn). Our second FFU picnic this year brought together fellow faculty to build community, eat and drink, and take in the sun.

July 19, 1-5pm, and July 20, 10am-5pm: CBA negotiations. On day 1, the administration presented a comprehensive counterproposal, responding in part to FFU non-economic demands but barely moving on economics, including pay parity for all adjuncts across schools, a meaningful health benefit for adjuncts, and a higher pay rate that reflects the real-world challenges of contingent faculty at Fordham. On day 2, FFU countered, acknowledging the gains but pushing for compensation and benefits that reflect the central role of FFU faculty to Fordham’s mission to our students. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the sessions here.

July 13, 10am-5pm, and July 14, 12:30-5pm: CBA negotiations. We presented our counterproposals on a health benefit for adjuncts and compensation for all FFU members. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the sessions here.

June 29 via Zoom: CBA negotiations. At this session, more than 100 FFU members participated. We heard the Fordham administration’s counterproposal on compensation and health benefits, neither of which moved significantly from its previous counter. We reacted forcefully to the administration’s refusal to heed our calls for higher pay, pay parity, and benefits. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the session here.

June 9-10, 14-15: CBA negotiations. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the sessions here.

May 24-25: CBA negotiations. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the sessions here.

May 14: FFU annual picnic in Central Park. See photos below!

May 4 (8:30am) and 5 (10am): CBA negotiations. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the sessions here.

April 22, 6pm: FFU happy hour at Alfie’s (near Lincoln Center).

April 12 (10am) and 13 (8:30am): CBA negotiations. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the sessions here.

March 25, 2pm: First session of union contract (CBA) negotiations. You can find the Bargaining Bulletin for the session here.

March 22, 2022: *All-FFU-Member Negotiating Strategy Meetings*. FFU faculty members prepared for our first CBA bargaining session on March 25. We held the same meeting over Zoom on March 10 and 11. Glad you could come!


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