FFU Member Stories

Joe Lawton and Abby Goldstein, Clinical Professors, Visual Arts
January 2020
“One of our Union representatives recently represented us in an unexpected contract dispute. The Union representative gave us clear, timely guidance and support through the entire negotiation, and, as a result, we successfully reached an agreement with the Fordham administration that helps us continue to serve Fordham students to the best of our ability. Without our Union, it would have been impossible to win this agreement.”

Jonathon Appels, Adjunct, History and Dance
January 2020
“The establishment of our union has already been a great asset to all of us instructors. Last semester, I had a dispute with the Fordham administration regarding my appointment. The steady compass and the discerning plan of action that our colleague and union steward Ashar provided helped me to secure payment for last semester’s course and my teaching position for this semester. I support our union because my teaching position has never been secure before we formed our union, despite my seventeen years teaching at Fordham.”

Humberto Cuen, Adjunct, Philosophy
December 2019
“I’m Humberto and I have been teaching philosophy part-time for almost six years. A union is a means for attaining social justice. Thanks to the agreement reached between SEIU and Fordham University in 2018, non-tenured faculty now have better pay, job security, and rights.”

Sonia Sehil, Adjunct, Modern Languages and Literatures (French)
December 2019
“My name is Sonia Sehil-Scheindlin. I joined the Fordham Modern Languages and Literatures Department in 2012 as an Adjunct Lecturer in French. The contract came at a perfect time for me, giving me the recognition, stability, and security that I needed. It helped me to reach a balance between my love of teaching and my recently begun practice as a certified life coach, two activities that nourish each other. I supported the outstanding work of the FFU leaders who gained so many steps in just the first contract.”

Mohamed A. Alsiadi, Senior Lecturer, Modern Languages and Literatures (Arabic)
January 2020
“Fordham’s union has been successful in gaining much-deserved salary increases for our members, connecting us as a community, and improving transparency about the university’s rehiring and promotion policies/practices. This gives us peace of mind so we can focus on programmatic and student needs instead of bureaucratic rigmarole.”

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