FFU Committees

FFU has 4 active committees:

  1. Union Stewards. An essential part of our organizing model at Fordham, FFU stewards are our “boots on the ground,” making sure that new faculty take action on their union membership forms and that fellow faculty know their rights. FFU stewards handle grievance procedures and information requests; in short, they ensure that the Fordham administration respects our CBA. Become part of the grassroots of organizing Fordham faculty by clicking here.
  2. Social and Political Education. Another essential part of our organizing model at Fordham, the mission of SoPoEd is to build community among FFU members. At SoPoEd events, Fordham faculty can gather, meet colleagues, and have fun. Because being part of our union goes beyond defending better pay, job security, and our rights. It’s also about valuing our research and academic interests, sharing our ideas and concerns about the university, learning about union culture, and most importantly, fostering solidarity. Lend a hand building FFU community by clicking here or contact the committee directly at fordhamfacultyunitedsopoed@gmail.com.
  3. Professional Development. Fellow faculty devoted to distributing funds, gained in our CBA, to fellow full-time and part-time Fordham faculty for conferences and other professional development opportunities. Learn more about FFU professional development opportunities here or contact the committee directly at fordhamfacultyunitedprofdev@gmail.com.
  4. Research and Communications. Whether you are a formal member of the committee or not, FFU needs all of us to commit 15 minutes a week to do something we’re good at (research!) to make our union voices heard at the bargaining table. Help us research and get the word out in CBA negotiations by clicking here.
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